We are continuously investing in innovative technology to enhance the products and services we offer.

We offer a comprehensive range of timber services ranges from re-sawing and machining to cross-cutting and bundling to bespoke milling.

timber services timber services timber services

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  • Re-Sawing and Machining
  • Cross-Cutting and Bundling
  • Finger Jointing
  • High & Low Pressure Treatment
  • Bespoke Milling
  • Grading
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Priming
  • CNC Milling Services (such as latch and hinge recessing)

Re-Sawing and Machining:

We have the ability and versatility of being able to offer a re-sawing and machining service which enables JDT to cut and machine to meet your specific requirements. This valuable service allows you to source all your requirements at the one time as our vast array of stock items are complemented by this service.

Cross-Cutting and Bundling:

We are pleased to offer a cross-cutting service which is ideal for timber studs and joist specifications.

The packs can be bundled and labelled clearly with plot/reference details and individual joists are marked with the x-cut length. This service speeds up the manufacturing process and is very popular with timber frame housebuilders. In addition to structural timbers, we also offer this cross-cutting service for door frame manufacture material.

Finger Jointing:

This service allows longer, more unusual length requirements to be met by joining two or more shorter pieces of timber together.

Bespoke Milling:

As well as holding a vast stock range of sawn / re-sawn and machined timber, JDT has the ability to offer a bespoke machining service that is specifically tailored to meet the customers' specific requirements. From large runs to small runs we have the facility to offer a special machining service complete from the design of profiled patterns through to the manufacture of the finished product. This service is invaluable to customers who have special refurbishment contracts to complete where matching of profiles is required. It is also an ideal service for the customer who wants something different from the run of the mill stock products.


The vast majority of structural timber JDT purchase is already stress graded, however we have qualified visual stress graders and a stress grading machine that allows us to grade other material to meet your specific needs.


This service allows the customer the opportunity to protect their material from dirt and dust, and is also a popular way of bundling machined products into manageable sized packs which helps with stock management and handling.


Priming is a popular service, especially with Door-set manufacturing companies as the priming service speeds up the finishing process and saves both time and money when it comes to the completion of contracts.

High and Low Pressure Treatment:

In order to preserve the end use of timber, JDT installed timber preservation facilities in 1976. The processes have developed considerably since then and JDT is now at the forefront of preservative applications.

All preservatives applied by JDT are developed and distributed by Osmose Timber Technologies and are water based.

Tank number 1 applies Osmose Protim E415 water based preservative which is used in a low pressure process for use in construction projects that require protection and longevity, such as roof timbers, timber framing, internal & external joinery and other internal and external timber projects that are above dpc/ground level. The E415 plant can accommodate up to approx 38m3 of timber per individual preservation cycle.

Tank number 2 applies Osmose Celcure AC500 water based preservative which is used in a high pressure process for use in timber above dpc and also in ground contact. The AC500 plant can accommodate up to approx 20m3 of timber per individual preservation cycle.

Both these plants are operated with a software package that ensures that the correct amount of preservative is applied with vacuum and pressure processes accurately maintained throughout the processes.

As part of a supply arrangement with Stewart Milne Timber systems (SMTS), JDT worked with SMTS and Osmose to source a permethrin free treatment preservative. The reason for this is the close proximity of SMTS to the River Don. The resulting preservative was B610 which is applied in a low pressure process in our Elm Park site in a smaller treatment vessel which is predominately utilized for all permethrin free preservative requests.

We also have a small operation at our branch in Chorley which operates an older style preservative plant with Osmose Protim E415 water based preservative.

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