Silktrim is one of the UK's leading brands in MDF mouldings. The range includes architraves, skirtings, window boards, dados & rebated door casings and linings, with specials available on demand.

Silktrim mouldings are manufactured using Moisture Resistant MDF, and are twice primed as standard, with a minimum of two coats of a high solid content, water-based, white acrylic paint applied to the surface. This makes Silktrim mouldings of a consistent high-quality you can trust.

As Silktrim MDF mouldings have two coats of priming paint added, they are supplied and delivered to you in semi-finished form.

silktrim silktrim silktrim

Advantages of using Silktrim

  • Supplied in long lengths, reducing site wastage costs
  • Consistent high quality which means an end to rejects, reducing fixing time and total costs
  • Silktrim's superior quality reduces the finishing time and with care requires only one top coat to complete the job
  • Easy to work with, using conventional hand tools
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and profiles
  • Bespoke items are available on request
  • MDF is defect free, giving you an extremely high quality, clean finish
  • Prior to leaving our factory, Silktrim moulded profiles are spiral wrapped, using a clear polythene film, into easily handled minipacks.
  • This wrapping ensures that the goods arrive in factory fresh condition, and are protected from dust, both in transit and when in stock.
  • Full FSC chain of custody certification
  • Profiles manufactured in conjunction with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Scheme

silktrim silktrim silktrim
Silktrim Brochure

Profiles Available

Dado Rail Dado Rail
Splayed and Rounded Splayed & Rounded
Rounded one edge Rounded One Edge
Lambs tounge Lambs Tongue
Torus Torus
Ogee Ogee
Window Board Window Board
Standard door casing Standard Door Casing
Fire Check Door Casing Fire Check Door Casing
Square Section Square

Specials available on request